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Instant Time Mastery –
The no fluff, uncomplicated, practical program on how to master time to make more money


Time Poor, tech challenged entrepreneurs who need to get a grip on what’s happening so they can make more money and get more time off!


Since 2004 I have been presenting this program to some of the World’s largest public and private companies. Consistently helping each person to reclaim on average 2.3 hours per day and improve productivity by up to 67%.

These results are typical and possible for all participants because of the content and design of the program.


You will get a 50% commission on the $297 USD product –$150 USD per sale.
Commissions are paid 25 days after registration. And you will receive an additional $500 for anyone who up-sells to the 1 on 1 Business Improvement and Systemization Program.


The biggest challenge we hear from our clients are 1. that they don’t have time and 2. They want to make more money. You already know that to be successful in business, you need to focus on working on the business, set it up for you, work less and YET make more money for your efforts.

From my experience, most people have just never been shown how to work so they major in minor things. They do what shows up instead of what’s most important. Not because they are lazy, in fact the opposite they work too hard… but because they just don’t know how to use their systems to help them get more time for what’s important and less time on ‘stuff’!

You’ve probably experienced the same in your business, right?

And we all know that for small business owners out there it can be very tough to do all they need to do to make a living in addition to growing and running their business, let alone take advantage and leverage programs like yours and mine.

Well, we have created the solution for any small business owner looking to finally get control of their time, reduce the hours they work and systemise their business so that they can make more money, get more time off and start to see some real results and traction.


This is an Online Training Program that teaches people EXACTLY step by step what they need to know to Master Time – from the basics required to, how to maintain momentum and beat procrastination until their new skills become habit. It is a complete blueprint for time management mastery.

In addition to the huge value of the modules, the participants will also receive 6 recorded Q&A calls, templates, worksheets and 2 bonus trainings on Effective Delegation – Step by Step ($297) and Effective Meetings – step by Step ($297).


We’ve made this as easy as possible.

All the marketing has been created. We will give you exactly what you need to send out and will suggest when. Once your client joins the list we will take it from there. Should you wish to use any other content to warm up your list to the offer, you’re welcome to pick and choose from our library of articles OR contact our customer support to schedule an interview. We will do anything to make the promotion as successful as possible for you.

If you have a product that might compliment our program I’d be honored to promote it to my clients and would love to talk you about what you offer.

We have created a true One Stop Shop to finally master time and feel this will be a huge service to your list.

Thank you for helping us help others!

As one of our partners, you will be a hero to your list as you help them get time and grow their business!

Need help? Contact our Business Manager here.

Angie Spiteri is a highly sought after productivity consultant and results coach. The author of Instant
Time Mastery, an inspirational speaker and nominee for Telstra Business Women of the Year Award in 2014. With over 10 years of experience, Angie has conducted customised training programs for the government and some of the World’s largest public and private companies. Specialising in boosting daily productivity, implementing business improvements and hitting revenue targets using simple, effective and proven systems and techniques.

Time Management Courses Perth

We’ve all been to courses where you are lucky to come away with one thing you can do something with. The sad thing is many of us believe this is a good investment of our time. Even though, when we get back to work we don’t even implement that one thing because we are inundated by what has piled up while we are away.

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