Common Engineering myths

Engineering is one of the most sought-after careers that are currently available and with good reason. With the position comes prestige, financial security, and proof of the ability to work and understand complex theoretical concepts. However, like most professions it falls prone to stereotype and misunderstanding. In this article, we hope to dispel some of the myths that surround engineers and their profession.

A lack of communication skills- This is an unfortunate stereotype that is perpetuated by those who have a skewed understanding about the topic of intelligence. Due to the necessity for an engineer to have very good logical skills it is commonly believed that they put all their eggs into one basket of critical thinking and have no points in IQ to put into decent communication skills. This is wholeheartedly false. Engineers are often extremely astute and verbally savvy, with the stereotype being perpetuated due to media sensationalism. Engineers in fact need to have good communication skills due to the necessity to relate complex technical problems and their solutions to people. Engineers often need to explain what a tool is or what it does. Click the link If you ever need an engineer to help you with hydraulic jacking system engineering.

Engineers aren’t leaders. – This is yet another stereotype that stems from a desire to see individuals that work in analytical fields as shy introverts. The media often portray engineers as people who shy away from confrontation, are generally meek, and don’t like to lead a stressful situation. This is however not the case. The capacity to take on a leadership role often boils down to the cumulative experience that someone has in a situation and their leadership readiness. Meaning their ability to seek or believe themselves ready for positions of leadership. The fact of the matter is that often leaders are made not born. So, if an engineer was given a position of authority over others it would be only a matter of time before (s)he was able to lead them as a cohesive unit. 

Engineers are not creative – This is a myth of fantastic proportions that stem from a misunderstanding of the work that engineers regularly engage in. Engineers first and foremost create, and fix things. These things are often not straightforward at all, take multiple men or women, multiple days, weeks, or months to solve and often require ingenious, and out of the box thinking to solve well. Engineers often look at a problem and if it cannot be solved by existing technology and equipment, will take it upon themselves to design a new part of tool that will suit that particular situation. Ultimately, this myth only exists due to a lacking understanding of what creativity is. Being creative is unnecessarily limited to drawing a picture. painting, creating a piece of music, or performance art etc. People believe that the only creative professions are ones such as painter, musician, artists etc. when in reality, the need for creativity extends to plenty of professions, with engineering being one of them


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