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Impact through Innovation

In a world where there is so much choice just doing “More” and faster then your competitors is a quick road to burn out and disappointment… because doing more doesn’t always get us… more!

Recently I worked with a business that runs a quick meeting in the morning and this meeting when they stick to the true reason for running it (to get clear on priorities for the day, raise issues with tasks) runs really well… but when they try to introduce a whole heap of other agenda items, sales, feedback on concepts…the waters get muddied and everything is done in a rush ending in confusion and same old same old thinking rather than fresh innovative ideas.

Many organisations I’m asked to work with don’t create time to think. They wish they had it, they understand the value of it… but they feel that it’s a luxury becusae they are so concerned with doing things quickly that they don’t have time for creative thought and thinking needs time and it’s harder than just doing. Just doing more is easier… TICK, I’ve made 10 calls… DONE, NEXT…
Strategic action, needs thought, and ideas need time to incubate and be mulled over.

To succeed in a competitive market with limited resources you need to make choices because doing everything doesn’t work.

The root to success isn’t doing more its differentiation. Doing the same thing in different ways or doing something different…. Deciding what and how takes thought, risk (to a degree) and a change of habit from what you have done in the past… what everyone else is doing. It takes resisting

When delivering training I always give the example of a bowling ball… If you just throw a balling ball you might hit some pins or you might end up in the gutter. BUT if you stop and think about what you are doing… you use the arrows on the alley to guide your through, you concentrate on the angle of your wrist and the speed you through the ball, the strength… you could hit 10 pins with 1 ball.

image 2


Could you do with hitting more pins with 1 action rather than 1 action, 1 pin???

Make time to think so your efforts are more effective and impact is increased.

Our clients are distracted and overwhelmed (Sound familiar?) Inundated with choice and great marketing… How are you going to capture their attention? Are your actions capturing the attention of your target market?? Are you giving them what they need?? Something proactive and intentional in addition to quality and value??

Trying to be everything to everyone ensures you are busy… but dispensable.

How do you decide what you do?

Do you spend the majority of your time understanding your target market and offering solutions to their needs? Or are you letting your client’s requests determine how you spend your time regardless of what they spend with you?

When I coach clients in sales roles, I get them to identify their top 5% of clients and to deliberately change how they spend their time so they spend more time with the top 5% not to sell but to understand them better based on insights we devise to address their needs… which may or may not relate to what they are selling BUT differentiates them, builds trust and loyalty and increases their value/influence with the client.

How well do you really understand your target market needs? What are the problems you could help them solve that they are not even talking with you about? How could you make their lives easier? How could you build a stronger relationship with them?

What are you core strengths? Do you use your core strengths every day? How can you double the time you are involved in the activities you do best?

Say no to good ideas everyday. Say no to great ideas so you can keep the ones you do focus on small number and can give them an enormous amount of energy.


  • Do the big stuff first, fit the little stuff around it… Sequence matters, because we get tired… because the things we decide to do first are more likely to get done…
  • Don’t wait when you have more time… MAKE more time.
  • Work out what you are really good at… and how you can use these core strengths to help deliver what your clients want. Build a strategy that allows you to use your core strengths.
  • Track important practices using a ‘balanced scorecard” So you have balance :) not just the bottom line. …What we track, we change. What is visible gets tracked, so make things like innovation a number you track… or personal energy/stress…
  • Trade offs… less is more, focus on few, more important things. Stop doing stuff that is not aligned to your core strategy.

Busy is a terrible brand… it doesn’t differentiate you. Businesses are crying out for innovation – but everything they do is same old things… emails… meetings… You don’t need to be creative to innovate… but you do have to develop your “innovation muscle”.

March 7, 2016

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