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How Would Your Life Change If You Could
Master Time Starting Right Now?

Imagine… if you could get twice as much done in your life, without working more, or spending any more of your time.


Or… If you could be working half the amount of time, and get the same amount done as you’re accomplishing right now — freeing up the other half of your time to do with what you want…


What would it mean to your business?


To your income?


To your time off?


To your social life?


It would be a big deal, right? Of course it would…


So how do you increase, let alone DOUBLE, your productivity?


…Especially when you’re already working at maximum capacity?


How do we take time off we need for a holiday when we have so much to do?


How do we deal with the increasing distractions and interruptions that are taking our attention away from the high-value work that makes us the most money?


How do we systematize our productivity, and create profit-making habits that work for us naturally and automatically every day?


How do we identify those activities in our life and business that will give us the highest possible return, and make us the most possible profit and income — and then make sure to do THOSE money-making actions consistently?


INTRODUCING:Instant Time Mastery Results Training Program


If you’re ready to double the productivity in your life and work, then I’d like to invite you to learn the system that I call “Instant Time Mastery.”


Instant Time Mastery Results Training Program Curriculum


Let me share with you the curriculum for the Instant Time Mastery Results Training Program, so you understand what you’re going to learn.


Module 1 we tune into the results you want to achieve and we bench mark where you are now. So you can measure the transformation you make and see how far you have come. Success builds success and seeing success help you turn new skills that into HABITS that PAY you so you do EVERY SINGLE DAY NATURALLY.


Module 2 is foundational. It’s about invisible systems that once set up free up time so you are able to focus on bigger projects, so you can think clearly and are able to do what you need to do in half the time. Hours and hours are returned from what you put in place with this module. This module is about Systems that enable you to create profits.


Module 3 I give you a powerful set of decisions you need to make to create life-long productivity no matter how much busy work… and “clutter” gets thrown at you. This Module gets you more time to create profits.


Module 4 is crucial. So after you’ve learnt the foundations, it’s now about how to take this new found time, and energy and how to put it into a plan that you actually execute in MUCH less time, effort, and hassle than you thought was possible. And here I’m going to walk you through how to structure your day and week so that you juggle changing workloads, meet deadlines and prioritise! This module is about planning for profits.


Module 5 is about breaking through procrastination. And it’s about creating money making habits. Here I teach you the three best ways to build any habit you want in your life… There are techniques top entrepreneurs use… and you’ll be surprised how simple they are.


Module 6… is about continuous improvement and keeping the momentum going… so you sustain your new skills, and continue to increase profits and run “lean”


And finally, to top it all off, I’m including workshops, cheat sheets, recordings of frequently asked questions, how-to videos, templates, an accountability program AND unlimited email support where all of your questions are personally answered by me!


Instant Time Mastery Results Training Program


    • Instant Time Mastery Program ($497)


    • Secrets To Effective Delegation ($297)


    • Secrets To Effective Meetings ($297)


    • Q&A Call Recordings ($197)


    • Templates, Checklists, Workbooks ($197)


    • How To Videos ($297)


    • Accountability System ($197)


    • 30 Days Unlimited Email Access (Priceless!)



$2197 Total Value Now Only $297


1 for 1 x $297


Everything Is Broken Down Into Step-By-Step Bite Sized Chunks

The problem with most programs is that you get so much information it’s very easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to start or how to implement things. One of the most important parts of Instant Time Mastery is how it is designed.


The training is intentionally broken down into 6 modules — and each module teaches you ONE productivity habit and how to implement it in your business.


No Planners Or Complex Systems

The great thing about Instant Time Mastery is that we use the tools you currently use and show you how to use so you gain so much more from them.


And my promise, and guarantee to you, is that if you’ll go through this program, and you implement what you learn in your working day, you’ll double your productivity.


To Start Instant Time Mastery


1 for 1 x $297


The best part, as I’ve already hinted at, is I’ve decided to price this super valuable productivity program much lower than most product launches and trainings.


What I’ve learned over the years is that once someone is exposed to the value of our trainings, and once they’ve started to experience the benefits and excitement that comes with being more productive and successful… they come back and invest in our other, more advanced business growth trainings.


So we’re doing this program at the special tuition of only $297USD total— and you get EVERYTHING I’ve mentioned.


    • The entire 6 Module Instant Time Mastery Results Training program


    • Effective Delegation Step By Step training


    • Effective Meetings Step By Step training


    • Unlimited access to me via email


    • Templates, worksheets and recordings


    • AND 6 recorded Q&A sessions



Considering that part of Instant Time Mastery was originally created as a $3000 per session productivity program for large government and public listed companies… you’re getting truly OVER THE TOP value here.


How Much Is An Hour Of Your Time Worth?


What is your time worth to you? And what would it be worth to actually double your productivity?


Think of it this way: If you take action and organize yourself and your life so that you free up an extra hour every day, that adds up. In fact, the math is that if you increase your productivity and free up just an extra hour a day, that’s 6 full-time work weeks.


That’s a pretty big deal.


Increasing your productivity is one of the few areas of life where you can make a massive impact, with just a little bit of relative effort.


For example, if you earn $25 an hour, and you free up an hour a day — you just bought yourself $750 worth of your time PER MONTH. Or $6,000 per year.


If you actually double your productivity, that would mean going from $50,000 earned in a year to $100,000 earned in a year. I’m not promising you’re going to make more money … but think about it for a minute.


It’s Not Hard To Get A Return On This Investment…


Success really is about the accumulated momentum and results you get when you do the right things day after day in your life and business. No long-term success happens in business without this as the foundation…


My goal here truly isn’t to get you to just invest in the Instant Time Mastery Results Training program. My vision is that you really see the value in this system, see the difference it will make to your life and success — and then take the next step and sign for the program… so we get you the time you need to reach your bigger goals in life… and really achieve the success and lifestyle that you want.


I want you as a client for life, and this is how we take the first step.


Get Instant Time MasteryDouble Your Productivity Or Your Money Back



The program is GUARANTEED to double your productivity.


Instant Time Mastery Results Training Program not only comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, like all of my training courses. In fact, it comes with a DOUBLE guarantee.


You can register today, and start going through the program.


As soon as you register, you’ll get access to module 1st recording where you’ll watch an introduction and orientation video that sets you up for the rest of the program. Over the next month, you’ll start going through the fast-start trainings, the weekly live coaching and Q&A sessions with me.


I invite you to try it all out for yourself. Go through the program for a full 21 days, with no risk.


If at any point in the first 21 days you decide that the course isn’t right for you, just email my team to cancel your registration, and we’ll give a full refund — no questions, and no hassles.


$2197 Total Value Now Only $297


1 for 1 x $297


I’m excited to be your mentor and teach you these tools to start implementing in your life and business so we can double productivity, and increase the amount of profit and income you make this year.


We’re all under more intense pressures than were even possible just a few short years ago, and we need better tools to operate in the world that’s coming… to thrive in the increasing change, pressure and opportunities that are emerging right now. I think we can all feel a sense of that increasing intensity of pressure, and of needing better tools, too.


Productivity is a word that we use to describe what we want, but a better word for what you get when you go through Instant Time Mastery IS RESULTS.

Better results. Consistent result. Growing results. You learn how to get the results you want, and get the feelings of security, success, safety, and satisfaction that you want with yourself and your life.


You may not know me, and you may not have the experience right now that you can really, actually change the results you’re getting by DOUBLE… and actually double your productivity… or more. It sounds too much, like it’s not possible.


But my bet is that it IS possible for YOU… if you learn and use the set of tools that I’m going to show you in Instant Time Mastery Results Training Program.

And most importantly, I guarantee that it will work for you… by giving you full access to the training at my risk… so you can experience the results that I’m talking about here.


$2197 Total Value Now Only $297


1 for 1 x $297


One thing is for sure…


ou are going to wake up in a year, five years, ten years, twenty years… the time is going to go by… FOR SURE. The question is, will you wake up in the future having reached the level of success that you want to reach, and having the feeling of accomplishment, security, satisfaction and peace?


No one else is going to do it for you. And no one else is going to show up to make sure that YOU do it. That’s for sure.


You’ve seen the charts showing how if you started saving and investing money just a few years earlier in your life, that it could mean a difference of hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars later on.


Well, in just a few years, you’re going to look back and realize that this time of opportunity was NOW, and that if you had started becoming more personally productive that it would have resulted in a LOT more success.


I mean: What if you had actually learned how to double your productivity a few years ago? Where would you be right now?


And you’ve seen the estimates that most people won’t be reach the levels of success they want later in their lives, or ever be able to feel financially secure… because they didn’t set themselves up for success earlier.


Your future success depends on you figuring out how to do the right things starting NOW, if you want to reach your potential, and create the success you want… and get the point where you stop worrying and start feeling great about yourself and your results.


Instant Time Mastery Results Training Program is about putting new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving in place… that are PERMANENT. We’re going to work together to install the habits of doing the high-value work that brings you the success you want, and helps you create the life that you deserve. Join me for this one, and we’ll do it together…


Take Action Before It’s too late…


Here’s what to do now, to learn these tools and start implementing them in your life and your business…


Just make complete the simple order form, and then click to complete your registration. We’ll set up your credentials, and give you access to Module immediately so you can start watching your orientation video… and you can get started doubling your productivity starting in just a few minutes from right now.


So register now, and I’m looking forward to helping you double your productivity with Instantly Time Mastery Results Training Program.


$2197 Total Value Now Only $297


1 for 1 x $297


Success Stories


“Having completed the “timeequalsmoney” half day group training session and been fortunate enough to receive a follow up personal meeting with Angie I am delighted to recommend this service to anyone interested in being more efficient and effective in the use of the limited time we have in both our business and private life. Angie made some easy to implement improvements to organising my time utilising existing tools calendar and task lists. Implementation of sacred time and maximising output on critical tasks during peak productivity zones were a simple yet powerful reminder on how to take control of your workflow and not be dominated by the daily time wasters and constant interruptions that are common in all office.”


Stephen WalkerManaging Principal Marsh Pty Ltd


“My staff complained about a lack of time management. After three or four sales meeting of hearing the same excuse I decided to do something about it. I sent them to Angie’s course. It’s been months now, and guess what? Not one of them have complained about a lack of time. They have all implemented the techniques and strategies Angie recommended. Excellent work Angie. I will be sure to send the others along shortly.”



Brock GurrManager, Brown Murray Real General Estate


“A valuable morning. I enjoyed the presentation and the information was invaluable for helping me get back some of my day.”



Craig LubichDirector, Plan B


“Angie’s course is easy to understand and well presented. From following her recommendations my day has become more structured and productive.”


Ally McVicarSenior Drilling Engineer, Apache Corporation


“As I write to you, I find myself up-to-date in my work, with only one item in my inbox that I am presently responding to! My desk is cleaner and my mind clearer – now that I have adapted the great ideas and structured approach to managing my time and workload, that Angie’s workshop taught me. The best thing about the workshop? Angie’s tips which always begin with “if you just do this ONE thing, it will give you time back in your day” – and Angie gave us about MANY “just ONE things” to apply!”



Natalie EllisSales Manager, Castrol Lubricants


“Angie provided a time management seminar to our Managers’ Assistants. Angie’s message is logical and well-constructed and her time management solutions have great practical benefit to allow the recipient to get more out of their day.”



Rob HaynesBusiness leader, St George Bank


$2197 Total ValueNow Only $297


1 for 1 x $297


“I thought I knew about Time Management before attending your session, however you have presented some modern techniques using currently used technology that I’m sure will help me to be much more organized and productive as a result.”



David Freakley
Partner, Capital Partners


“Angie has been extremely helpful with helping my team realize there is an alternative way to improve efficiencies. A few simple changes in the way they manage their work has increased productivity and reduces lost time. A very structured approach and presentation.”



Wayne Snook
State Manager, Draeger

Time Management Courses Perth

We’ve all been to courses where you are lucky to come away with one thing you can do something with. The sad thing is many of us believe this is a good investment of our time. Even though, when we get back to work we don’t even implement that one thing because we are inundated by what has piled up while we are away.

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