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Instant Time Mastery

What Is Instant Time Mastery?

Instant Time Mastery (ITM) is an 6 week, interactive video-based training program that teaches  business owners who want more sales and time step by step what they need to do to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

Whether you’re brand new to business or established and ready to grow, ITM will is designed to turn the way you work into force that fuels higher profits and your higher purpose.

The training is released in weekly modules and consists of easy-to-follow videos, done-for-you templates,  resource lists, and course sheets. Students can view the training videos, connect with others, and compare notes with classmates via our private forum.

ITM also includes interactive components like weekly “Q&A calls” where Angie answers questions and offers strategic advice to ensure that our participants take consistent action and receive the highest value from their investment.

Plus, you can retake the program for free quarter, for as long as the program exists.

For more information on ITM, and to preview the curriculum, download our Program tour here:

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Time Management Courses Perth

We’ve all been to courses where you are lucky to come away with one thing you can do something with. The sad thing is many of us believe this is a good investment of our time. Even though, when we get back to work we don’t even implement that one thing because we are inundated by what has piled up while we are away.

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