Planning Outdoor Festivals: Must-Have Equipment

Organizing an outdoor event has a unique set of problems for event managers, from managing the elements to difficult technical constraints. So, whether you’re holding a charity benefit, a music festival, or a sporting event it’s critical to touch all bases whenever it comes to event gear in order to provide a unique time for exhibitors and guests (for all the right reasons).

Avoid Power Outages by Upping Your Power

From high tech equipment to food and lights, creating a stable, dependable, and proper power supply is essential for staging a good outdoor event. With the weather to deal with, it’s vital to consider options other than relying on the main grid for power. If the weather plays havoc and causes power outages, putting a contingency strategy in place will maintain your electric equipment up and running irrespective – with uninterrupted power supply (UPS) devices or generators assisting your emergency plans.

Lights, Lights and More Lights

Lighting equipment, from professional stage lighting to lights for pathways and internal areas, should be a top focus when planning an outdoor event – especially for night events. When the sun sets, for instance, ensuring that your venue is appropriately illuminated will not only ensure that attendees and on-site employees could see where they’re heading, but it would also boost the venue’s security and safety, also after hours. Sufficient lighting would go a long way toward boosting the invitee environment, from brilliantly lighted paths to lighted marquees and facilities.

All-Weather Amenities are a good choice

In order to give vendors, workers, and event attendees with appropriate facilities and amenities on the event day, any open-air event organizer must examine the practical features of their venue. Ensure your facilities and amenities can endure the elements and suit your visitors’ demands, from clean festival toilet block hire to disaster-proof food options. This will keep clients happy even though the weather isn’t cooperating.

Whether you’re planning a private charity gala dinner or a large music festival, making sure you get all of your areas covered in terms of equipment will ensure that nothing is left to fate, enabling you to pull off a great occasion that everybody enjoys, come rain or shine.

Storage Onsite

The need of having dry storage should not be underestimated, whether it’s for storing valuable electronic systems during a severe downpour or giving attendees and employees with a place to put personal goods. Having a dry location where valuables, extra clothing, and other personal items may be properly and securely stored can go a long way toward improving the entire event atmosphere.

Choose Appropriate Sound Hardware

Sound equipment selection and installation will be yet another part of the puzzle for your site. Don’t skimp on audio systems, whether it’s a simple PA system for messages or a full-fledged audio system for musical events. If money is an issue, consider renting equipment so that technical expenditures can be kept to a minimum.

These are just some of the main things to look into. Of course, there are plenty of other things you’ll have to focus on before pulling off a successful event.


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