Steps To Follow When Baking

Many people think that baking is so hard, they think that with baking you have to be very accurate and meticulous. While this is true it doesn’t make baking hard. You have to just follow some steps and have the right equipment and with time you will be excellent at baking.

Baking tray

Baking equipment are one of the essential when it comes to baking. You don’t need to have every single thing but at least the basic things like a hand mixer, baking tray, measuring cups or scale.

There are many varieties of baking tray, different dishes require different trays. Some to mention are cake tin, there are many sizes of cake tin, if you are following a recipe, they would have mentioned the appropriate baking tray you would need, you can get that.

For baking a cheesecake spring form cake tin is the best, as it is easy to remove cake from the tray, round cake tin, are good for baking cake. Flat baking pans are useful when it comes to roasting potatoes or anything else and making cookies.

If you are just starting to bake having a round cake tin and a flat baking tray is good.


You can mix the batter using manual strength with the support of a whisk or spoon but this is so tiring and takes a long time and in some cases the batter may not even come to the texture you want. Purchasing a hand beater will be useful for you. If you have no problem spending more you can even get a stand mixer.

Measuring scale and sieve

When it comes to baking the measurement is of utmost importance, a little more than a slight change can give different result. Therefore, have a measuring scale to measure out the ingredients properly as mentioned in the recipe. Sieve is another useful equipment; this would make sure you have no lumps in your flour products.


Oven is the most essential for baking. The quality of your baking is determined by the quality of the oven. If you have no oven, it is a good choice to get one. If you have one make sure the heating system of the oven works properly. If there is any issue with your oven, you can find commercial oven repairs in Melbourne that provide good services.

Before baking preheat your oven and using oven thermometer make sure it has reached the required temperature. Another important thing to keep in mind is to not open the oven door constantly as this leads to differences in the oven temperature which in turns affects the quality of your baked goods

Get the ingredients ready

Now that all the equipment is ready you need to prepare the ingredients, once you have decided on what you are going to bake, jot down the ingredients and get all of them ready.

Follow the recipe

Read through the recipe once before you start baking, you can have a printout of the recipe and follow it step by step or you can follow a video online.


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