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The 9 Environments to Success: Find out What These Are and How These Affect Your Success!

As humans, we tend to use willpower when we want to implement change, and sometimes with that willpower we succeed, but there are many instances where we don’t. When the latter happens and we don’t succeed, we can sometimes feel discouraged and even give up on whatever it is we were trying to do.

However, instead of giving up or just depending on willpower alone, an easier way to pave your road to success is to get your environment to help you.

Think about it, most of your actions, moods, determination, etc. are often driven by your environment.

Consider the environment of a top athlete like Novak Djokovic for example. Do you think he eats what he wants, sleeps when he wants, thinks what he wants and mixes with whomever he wants? NO WAY!

To get, be and stay at the top of his game Novak’s internal and external environment is deliberately designed for success. His success is the product of his environment.

Let’s pull it back a notch… Think of a goal such as starting a new business, or hitting a stretch goal. If your environment is aligned to what you want… you are with like minded people, you are excited and focused on your goal, you design your workspace to achieve your goal… then you enjoy the roller coaster ride rather than suffer through it…

So what are the Environments to Success?

Jim Bunch in his Ultimate Game of Life work explains there are 9 Environments to Success. They are the Body, Self, Spiritual, Nature, Physical, Financial, Network, Relationships, and the Mind. All these environments have several different factors that can either support or drain your energy.

Below are brief descriptions of each environment:

1. Our Mind – what we think about, the ideas, information, and concepts .. Are we filling our minds with positivity to bring us up? Or are negative thoughts plaguing us and pulling us down?

2. Body – our physical health body, health and energy. Are we eating the right food? Are we doing enough exercise? Do we get enough sleep? Or are our actions deteriorating our bodies in the long run?

3. Spiritual – our connection to a higher power or our faith in God or any divine being. Does our environment help us stay connected with our faith, or is it pulling us away and further disconnecting us from it?

4. Nature – the seasons, the outdoors, or our geographical location. Are we situated in a highly urban area that doesn’t let us commune with nature? If we are, do we regularly take the time off to spend time outdoors from time to time to rest our mind from the hustle and bustle of urban life?

5. Physical – our physical environment such as our homes, offices …. Do we live somewhere that helps us relax or do we live somewhere that causes us stress? Is our place well-lighted and organised?

6. Financial – basically our finances, anything to do with money like our budget or our income. Are we making the right investments or getting the right financial advice? Are we spending too much and stressing every time we do the books? Do we have a trusted bookkeeper or accountant who helps support us with managing our finances?

7. Network – our customers, social media networks, clubs/associations, etc. Do these help us grow as persons and work towards achieving success? Or are these only dragging us down and distracting us from our goals?

8. Self – our feelings, values and our passion. Are we fully aware of ourselves and how we act and are our actions and thoughts pushing us up or doing the opposite? What part of ourselves do we need to improve further to make success sure?

9. Relationships – our friends, family, colleagues, and everyone else connected to us in one way or another. This is the hardest environment to change, so experts recommend to do this last and focus on the other environments first. As we work on improving the other environments, we’ll find that it’ll be easier to improve this environment.

Our physical Environment, like our home, office, etc. is one of the easiest to fix and get leverage from. If it’s filled with too much clutter or disorganised, it can leave us feeling unproductive even before we start working! Whereas if we have an office space or home that is clean and organised, we’ll feel more energised, have better focus and work more efficiently!

Jim explains that we should have a chart for these 9 Environments to Success, and assess where we are at in each of the areas. This chart can then help us figure out what is missing, what is draining our energy, so we can have a healthy environment and find a clearer path to success!

He also explains, that if our environments don’t change then as we evolve we will be living in a constant state of drag, resistance and slow movement rather than in a state of inspiration. By designing our environment so there are constant sources of inspiration, we’ll find that our daily habits and our goals are actually easier to attain and we don’t have to rely on willpower to do what we need to do.

From here…

Start with your physical environment.

Take an inventory using my quiz to review what you ‘tolerate’/distracts you’ so you know which items need to go and which can stay.

Ask yourself why is this in my environment? (Why do I have this kind of desk or lighting? Is it inspiring me or expiring me?) Ask this about everything like your networks, people, things, etc.

Is it designed to create happiness health and wealth or is it designed to hold me back unhappy sick and broke?

What is the purpose of this environment?

What prompted my choice about inviting it into my environment? (conscious or momentary – excited at the time but doesn’t fit anymore – is it holding me back to my past?)

Is this serving me in winning my ultimate game? Is it serving me in creating happiness health and wealth? If not maybe it’s time to add new environments or eliminate those that are draining you.

Upgrade your environments for ultimate success. Just one at a time and the moment you do one and you get that energy boost, it will give you momentum to do the next and the next.

Everything is an environment and it’s either pulling you forward or holding you back. It’s your choice to create the ultimate life… what are you waiting for?

Environment for Success


April 11, 2016

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