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The “No Brainer” Technique to creating new habits

Why are you in your current situation?… Is it because it’s the way it is?… or the way you are??

Recently I asked some of my readers what some of their most troublesome time management issues are. They answered:
• Balancing or eliminating distractions.
• Not feeling overwhelmed/making time feel more spacious.
• Dealing with e-mails. They build up, even with systems in place.
• Sustaining time-management changes.
• Learning more about time management, implementing those changes, and then staying with those changes.
• Organizing myself and keeping regular commitments that do not generate income, but build relationships.
• Living in the moment.
All of these problems boil down to one common theme: habit.

What my readers are continuing to think about and do repeatedly becomes how we habitually operate.

A study on habits undertaken by Duke University found that ” 45% of our choices are determined by habit rather than conscious decision making.”

We are continually fighting our natural habits. We want to do things differently, but no matter what we try we either fail, give up, or our changes are short lived.

So, can this be overcome, and if so, how? Is it just the way it is?

Why has change failed or been short lived in the past?
• Many try to change too many things at once…
• The change is big. Lots of things need to change.
• We are resisting the change in some way, sometime due to bad habits.
• There isn’t visible success that can be seen over and over
• OR we don’t notice our success, we only notice how far we have to go.
• It takes too long/too much time to make the changes.
• There is no reward other than what we give ourselves IF we give ourselves a reward for doing it rather than berating ourselves for not doing enough/not doing it correctly or completely…

A habit is created in the following way: something happens, that triggers an action which delivers a reward. Eg: We get to work, so we make a coffee which we enjoy/makes us feel good.

There are 3 ways to make lasting changes that I apply steathly! in my workshops training to ensure participants transform what we have learn, into what they do. They are only easy, but the easiest technique to transform their old habits is help them make it a “no brainer.”

The “No brainer” Technique to Transformational Change

We do things that are easy to do without thinking about them. If someone asks you to pick up a pen or tap your toe you can do it because it’s easy and because you know you can do it. There is no resistance, even if there is no reward for doing it. But if I asked you to tap your toe every day for an hour, even though it’s easy to do, for you to continue doing it there has to be a reward. So far, so good?

So, if you make what you need to do so easy to do that you don’t need willpower to do it, then there is no resistance to doing it because it isn’t hard to do. Then to cement the new habit in, you have to be able to see success and benefits/rewards.

When we find a task easy to do our will power is higher than our resistance to doing the task.
We find a task easier to do the more we do it.
The more we do it the more it becomes a routine, a habit.
When we do what we say we are going to do, even when it’s a small action, doing it makes us feel good. We experience success. We are doing what we said we would.
This feedback/reward motivates us to continue doing it.

Get the picture??

What do you want to be doing on a regular basis? What new habit would you like to install? Give the “No Brainer” technique a go and tell me about your results.

BUT don’t go yet! While you are here….I’d need your help please…

After literally months and months of work, I’m putting the finishing touches on my long awaited “Practical Time Management for Entrepreneurs” Program. This online program has been a labour of love, but at times it has felt like giving birth! However, now that the finish line is in sight I could really use your help.

You see, I want to make sure that I’ve covered everything, but I’m a little too close to this project. Now that I’m almost finished I’d like to get some feedback from you.

This will only take you a few seconds. Can you go to this link and answer one simple question?

Link to survey

The more people I have answer this question the better… Your thoughts would be really appreciated.

Thanks so much!


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