What Should You Keep in Mind When Looking for A Building Inspector?

If you’re thinking about buying a home, getting it inspected is a smart thing to do. Before you take the leap, we will be discussing the many things you’ll have to keep in mind when choosing a home inspector to work with.

Do They Provide A Sample Report?

After they inspect your property, they will give you a written report of all the problems the home has. Before you work with the inspectors, you should know how thorough their reports are. You can do this by getting a hold of some of their sample reports.

If you’re lucky, you don’t even have to ask them for the samples as they’ll give you them. This is especially the case if you’re speaking to larger names in the inspection game like ASBIR building inspections.

When Would You Get the Written Report?

If you’re satisfied with how their reports will look like, you should figure out how quick their inspectors will give you your written report. Most of the time, the inspection takes a day or two to complete, with the report being sent to you in that very week.

If you need to make a decision on the property as soon as possible, working with inspectors that are slow in producing their reports will be a waste of your time and could cost you your dream home.

What Tools Do They Use?

To inspect properties as thoroughly as possible, the inspectors have to carry a range of tools. If they want to get the best job done, they will use thermal equipment as well.

Although great and all, you should know if the inspectors are experienced enough to use the tools they are carrying. This is especially the case with thermal equipment as the inspector could get a very inaccurate reading if he’s a novice.

Do They Repair Damages?

When looking for an inspector to work with, you should know if they repair any damages they come across. This will save you time if you’re thinking of buying the home. If they do offer repair services, they will do a more thorough job at patching everything up as they are already familiar with the property’s problems.

How Much Do They Cost?

One of the most important things you will have to consider, whether you’re working with a home inspector or not, is how much their services will cost you. Unfortunately, building inspectors can rake up quite a bill if you’re not careful so you should really look around town before you invest your time and money in someone.

How Long Have They Been at It?

Not only should the inspectors have been assessing homes for a long time, they should have many happy customers as well. This will let you know they’re good at their craft.

Do They Inspect Your Security System?

Most building inspectors do not look at your home’s security system. This is a shame as there may be something wrong with it, compromising your family’s safety when you move in.

As you see, multiple things have to be considered when looking for an inspector to work with. So, make use of everything mentioned as they will help you the most.


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